About GryphTech

GryphTech is a global leader in Real Estate Management solutions and the preferred choice of real estate franchise networks around the world. Our solutions are deployed to over 15,000+ agents located in 70+ countries and delivered in over 40 languages/currencies.

Our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of real-estate clients and our comprehensive Real-Estate Management platform can be easily customized to meet the unique language, currency and cultural needs of the local market. Incorporating best practices from leading real-estate companies around the globe, the flexible platform is comprised of a series of administrative, sales and marketing, operational and recruitment tools to optimize productivity, manage performance and maximize growth at all levels of our clients organizations.

Gryphtech also offers a full suite of IT services including packaged technology solutions, custom software development, mobile applications, hosting and site design.

At GryphTech, we strive to embody the traits of the gryphon. Like an eagle, we have the ability to fly high enough to see the big picture and the vision to see what lies ahead. Like a lion, we are down-to-earth, tenacious and work as a strong team to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Meet the team

Carlos Matias

CEO & Managing Director

Robert Love

Training & Communications Manager

Brent Nyznyk

Chief Technology Officer

Kevin Clews

Sr. Account Manager

Miguel Rezende

Director of International Accounts

Isabel Matias

Manager of Customer Experience