Catalyst Awareness

Catalyst Awareness is a global communications company specializing in health & safety, loss prevention and company culture building.

The Background

For Catalyst’s client – one of the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailers, with over 2,200 retail stores in the United States (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands), Canada, Mexico and China. Over 400,000 employees work in a diverse number of customer-facing roles making it difficult to communicate key employee safety and learning information to all staff.

The Challenge

The client required an application that would allow them to easily disseminate key employee safety, theft prevention and other corporate information to all Canadian and US employees on a monthly basis. The desired solution had to consider that customer-facing retail associates must remain present in their in-store roles and provide a mechanism to track employee participation and compliance by employee, store, district, region, and division.

The Solution

To meet the clients’ needs, GryphTech developed and hosts the InFocus Toolbelt application. In partnership with Catalyst Awareness Inc., we provide ongoing support and site maintenance. The online, interactive website allows each associate to log in on a monthly basis to review current content and answer a series of questions related to the material. The system is easily accessed from any sales terminal in the clients store and allows associates to review and complete the survey in English, French, or Spanish. Corporate, regional, and store managers are provided with reports, graphs and analytics that allow them to easily review the quiz results, track participation and identify locations requiring further follow-up and coaching.

To encourage associates to participate in the monthly quiz, the client awards monthly and annual prizes, such as paid vacations and cash rewards. Stores that have no safety incidents over a set period of time may reward their associates with pizza parties, barbecues, or gift cards.

The InFocus Toolbelt website has led to a significant decrease in workplace injuries and inventory loss at the clients stores across Canada and the US, making the site a resounding success.