Fenchurch General Insurance Company was incorporated as an Ontario regulated insurance company in 1981. Canadian owned and operated, Fenchurch General is based in Mississauga Ontario and is licensed to write a wide range of insurance throughout Canada.

The Challenge

Fenchurch had been using a separate Claims Management System and basic Policy/Underwriting application with no integration at all, meaning they needed to maintain information relating to clients and policies in both applications. This meant that Important reports that compiled data from the separate systems needed to be produced manually. Managing claims payments was a lengthy and manual process that involved going through hundreds of claim files to prepare the final list of eligible claimants / calculate the amounts due to be paid. Fenchurch needed a centralized information system, with different levels of user access to better streamline their important, day-to-day business activities and enable better management of their data.

The Solution

GryphTech built Fenchurch Information Systems (FIS) which is an easily accessible, web-based and centralized information system, with different levels of user access. The FIS system enables Fenchurch to manage and access all of their data relating to clients, policies, premiums, claims, and claims payments in one place. Finally, the new system can generate several reports that provide an accurate snapshot of key business metrics.