RE/MAX Global Reach

Join your RE/MAX colleagues from across the world and become part of the global network!

iConnect is an Enterprise Global CRM & Listing Management Platform used by over 60 regions around the world to manage and grow their business. The iConnect Global Reach package enables you to leverage a powerful component of the platform, as well as our international websites, to maximize your global visibility and opportunities. With iConnect Global Reach, you can expose your offices, agents and listings to a global audience, connect with RE/MAX regions worldwide, and access the one-of-a-kind iConnect International Listings Search designed for collaboration and lead generation.

Global Exposure

Display your offices, agents and listings in 40+ languages on 45+ RE/MAX region websites worldwide and the RE/MAX global website (

Global Leads & Opportunities

Give your network access to the largest RE/MAX listing inventory in the world with the one-of-a-kind iConnect International Listing Search  

Plus, all listings, offices and agents are searchable in over 40 languages and property prices can be viewed in over 65 currencies, ensuring you never miss an opportunity!

Global Exposure

Maximize your international exposure by syndicating your listing, office and agent data to:

45+ RE/MAX Region Websites
Display your data on GryphTech-hosted RE/MAX websites worldwide. Collectively, these websites receive on average, 60M+ page views/month and 5.5M+ property searches/month.
RE/MAX Global Website (
Display your data on the RE/MAX LLC official global website, which receives approx. 3M visitors/year and generates 60K+ property leads/month for RE/MAX agents worldwide.
iConnect International Listing Search
Make your data searchable to RE/MAX agents from around the world by exposing it in the iConnect International Listing Search – the largest database of RE/MAX listings worldwide.

Search in Over 40 Languages and 65 Currencies

Global Leads & Opportunities

iConnect Global Reach gives you access to one of the most powerful tools within iConnect – the iConnect International Listing Search. With over 120K agents and 800K+ listings from 100+ countries/territories, iConnect is the single largest database of RE/MAX listings worldwide* The centralization of this global data and the flexibility with which it can be searched and displayed (multilingual and multicurrency), is unique and allows for collaboration across the entire RE/MAX network.

Marketing & Recruitment

iConnect Global Reach is a powerful marketing tool your agents can leverage to further enhance the value proposition offered to their clients. Agents can offer clients global exposure for their listings and buyers can benefit from access to RE/MAX’s global property inventory to find what they are looking for. Plus, agents benefit from increased exposure of their personal brand across borders, increasing their potential for international referrals. This is also a valuable recruitment tool that offices can leverage to attract prospective agents to the company.

A true competitive advantage for RE/MAX!

Coming Soon to iConnect Global Reach

iConnect will facilitate worldwide referrals and provide a tool for regions and offices to manage those referrals effectively, e.g. it will include an option to auto-reassign referrals which have not been acted upon.

Buyer agents can define their buyers’ property criteria and the system will automatically match it with listings across the globe and send notifications accordingly. It’s an automated win-win.

Agents can generate a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for listings across the globe to help determine an international property’s market value and inform pricing.

Increase agent productivity with a centralized gateway to your choice of agent tools and applications, e.g. single sign-on links to MaxCenter, Marketing Center, and Global Referral App.


Additional Opportunities

Consider these additional options to enhance your ability to generate leads and grow your business.

Region Website – A customizable lead-generating website to promote your unique value proposition and all of your offices, agents and listings which are viewable in multiple languages and currencies.

Office Websites – A customizable lead-generating website to promote your unique value proposition and all of your agents and listings which are viewable in multiple languages and currencies.

Join RE/MAX Website – Recruit top talent and persuade prospective franchisees with a dedicated website custom designed to promote the brand and your unique value proposition.

Region Intranet – Optimize communications between the region, offices and agents with an intranet site to centralize important company information for easy access.

Portal syndication – Leverage our partnership with ListGlobally to syndicate your data to their network of 100+ Portals in 60+ countries and generate international leads.

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Grow Your Business With iConnect!

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*iConnect includes all GryphTech customer sources of agent and listing data. As of August 2020, it is estimated that the iConnect database includes 90-95% of all RE/MAX listings data worldwide. **To the best of our knowledge, based on market research conducted by GryphTech in August 2020.