The World's Most Complete
RE/MAX Listing Search!**

The iConnect Global CRM and Listing Management Platform provided by GryphTech now includes even more RE/MAX listings from around the world. Users of iConnect can search over 800,000 RE/MAX listings in their local language and currency. It is a search like no other. And with it, brings BIG opportunities for RE/MAX Agents using iConnect!

International Listing Search

Agents using iConnect can search for listings across all RE/MAX regions worldwide* including regions in the United States and Canada and those who are not currently iConnect users. Since the iConnect platform is multilingual and multicurrency, agents can search for any listing in their preferred language and currency to find a home for potential buyers.

International Lead Generation

Agents using iConnect can share any RE/MAX property from around the world* with contacts in their preferred language, along with their contact information, to generate new lead opportunities. Agents can also generate international referral opportunities by using the search to find properties matching a prospective buyer’s interests and connecting them with a local Agent.
iConnect International RE/MAX Search:







Search in Over 40 Languages and 65 Currencies

Key Differentiator & Competitive Advantage

iConnect is the single largest database of RE/MAX listings worldwide**. No other real estate brand has equipped its network of real estate professionals with a similar single resource to facilitate global connectivity and lead generation at this scale. iConnect is truly a unique and powerful tool. Use it to your advantage to expand your business and stand apart from the competition!

About iConnect &

iConnect is a Global CRM & Listing Management platform powered by GryphTech. For over 23 years, it has been relied upon by RE/MAX regions from over 60 countries outside of the US and Canada to manage and grow their businesses. GryphTech also hosts the RE/MAX LLC global website,, which displays all of the brand’s office, agent and listings data worldwide – including the US and Canada – generating new business opportunities and offering a one-of-a-kind search experience. Now ALL listings data on, including US and Canadian sources, are also searchable in iConnect by iConnect customers making iConnect the single largest database of RE/MAX listings worldwide**. Interested in iConnect? Email

Grow Your Business With iConnect!

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*iConnect includes all GryphTech customer sources of agent and listing data. As of August 2020, it is estimated that the iConnect database includes 90-95% of all RE/MAX listings data worldwide. **To the best of our knowledge, based on market research conducted by GryphTech in August 2020.