Based in Denver, CO, RE/MAX has grown into a one of the largest global franchise networks in the world, with active offices and agents in over 110 countries and territories. The RE/MAX system is based on attracting productive agents and providing them with the tools and technology to become even more successful.

The Background

With the North American divisions at full thrust, RE/MAX was looking at their other major territories in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia for further development.

The Challenge

In accommodating their rapidly growing international network, RE/MAX needed a versatile, multilingual Real Estate management system that would provide the much needed administrative, sales, marketing, operational and recruitment tools to improve productivity, manage performance and enhance growth at the regional, office and agent levels.

The Solution

Rising to the occasion, GryphTech, developed a series of web-based tools and applications that allow RE/MAX territories to oversee their entire inventory of listings with easy-to-use buyer and property matching, marketing, referral and contact management tools.

Our comprehensive suite allows offices and agents to manage their goal setting, performance measurement, recruitment and reporting as well as provides a complete billing system for offices, regions and franchisors.

The multilingual platform we created currently fuels regional websites across Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia allowing employees and clients to access content in over 40 different languages.