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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will my website URL be?

Your website URL will be generated for you and will follow this convention: [userid].countrycode.regiondomain. Your url is a subdomain of your RE/MAX region’s website.  Your userID is a unique identifier and does not change and therefore your website will always be accessible using this format.

2. Can I use my own domain for my website?

Yes.  If you have purchased a domain and would like to leverage it for your new website you have a couple of options as outlined below  Option 1 – Domain Forwarding (Simple):  Domain forwarding gives you the ability to forward one domain to another. Through the service you used to purchase your domain you can typically setup a domain forwarding rule.  In this way, consumers and visitors can access your website using your purchased domain name.  All traffic to your domain will be forwarded to your website at [userid]  The advantage of this approach is that it is simple to setup and can typically be done using the tools provided by your domain provider.  Option2 – Pointing your Domain (Advanced):  To configure your domain to point to your new website you will need to contact your Region and request to open a support ticket with GryphTech on your behalf.  Your request should include both your purchased domain and your new website URL (ie [userid]  GryphTech will respond with the IP Address associated with your website.  Share this IP address with your domain provider and they can help you with updating the A (host) record for your domain.

3. If I have a question about my website, who can I contact for help?

Please contact your region with any questions you have similar to how you would if you had questions regarding iList or your listing inventory.  If necessary, your region will create a support ticket on your behalf for resolution.

4. Can I add new webpages I create to the top menu navigation?

Yes, you can edit any existing pages and create new pages for your website. You can control which pages appear on your website by choosing to show or hide the webpage on your website menu.

5. Where do leads from my website go?

This is the best part.  All your leads will automatically be delivered to your iList system and you will be notified of any new leads in the same way you receive leads from your regional/country site today. 

6. I have just paid for my website, what should I do now?

Once you have purchased your new website you will receive an email (typically within 1-3 days) announcing your website is ready for you to access and begin making it your own.  Once received, you can begin updating your website by accessing the ‘My Site’ application from the iConnect dashboard or directly from within iList. 

7. If I’ve changed my mind about the website, how do I cancel?

If you choose to cancel your website subscription the cancellation will take effect on your next billing cycle.  Your website will continue to be available until your next billing cycle at which time your website will no longer be accesible.

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